What is Polybion?

Polybion is a brand that helps in improving energy release and hence facilitates in leading an active and fulfilling life.
Polybion has ingredients that create the advanced energy release formula and help with daily active energy release. Polybion is a family brand, with various formats for all the members of the family.
Polybion seeks to help millions of Indian families perform, flourish and enjoy life by serving their need for the right level of energy when they need it the most. Polybion believes in world full of vibrancy, vitality and exuberance. It is committed to develop and offer the right products to fulfil the needs of the diverse audience.

Why do you need Polybion?

India is fast growing economy, with opportunities for everyone who is willing to work hard and “make it” happen. With the rise in middle class population. Success is within reach for all those who have the determination and energy to seek it. There is a continuous need to perform, outlast and outshine others in the ‘competition’ – at work, at school and at play. All this requires more energy.

Avenues for entertainment and leisure are increasing constantly. We want to explore new places, play new sports, become more fit and make our kids go beyond the traditional focus on ‘studies’ and venture more into physical activities, sports, music and dance, often after school. This puts a burden on our energy reserves.

On the flip side, rapid urbanization is taking its toll on our living standards. Traffic problems, pollution, nuclear families are now normal – making it difficult to ensure that we have the right diet and the requisite energy to last through each day.

Who needs Polybion?

As today’s food quality and food habits fall short of providing the body adequate nutrients, which are required for energy, vitality and sustenance and growth, Vitamin B supplements are common requirement. Vitamin B helps to maintain energy levels through the day while performing various necessary tasks, to the fullest of one’s potential. This may help avoid stress of lagging behind or not completing tasks and provides the emotional benefit of peace and contentment.

Thus Polybion is relevant for adults and children alike, as an additional support to optimize the body’s development and functioning which may in turn lead to a successful and happy life.


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