• Jul-24-2018

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Dear Ladies,

In the world we live, the pressures are high, the commitments are many and you bear the responsibilities of balancing home and work. And you do it well!

But, as you grow older it becomes more important to take care of your personal needs including health, physical fitness, mental and emotional stability. When all is in place life runs like a steady wheel. However, to look great, remain energetic while working hard there are few lifestyle choices that you need to be conscious about:

Replace coffee with lukewarm water in the morning: Have lukewarm water with lemon when you wake up, instead of caffeine the first thing. Caffeine hits you and gets your energy levels to plummet before needed, wait for a while before you have your first cuppa that will keep you energetic in the afternoon when energy falls.


Have a healthy breakfast: While a yogurt, with berries and nuts seems like the ideal breakfast, it is too small to sustain your morning. And mornings are when the pressure is ceiling-high, steam blows from all directions, so you need to be on a fairly full stomach to deal with the pressure of a new day. Have whole-wheat bread, Idlis, Dosa or a paratha to kick-start your day.

Your morning habits will get you set on the right foot for the responsibilities ahead. For instance: do you check your e-mails or phone the first thing in the morning. If you do, change your habit, it puts unnecessary stress first thing in the morning.


Exercise and activity: Start your day with an activity that calms you - like yoga- pranyams, suryanamaskaras, hatha yoga. You could also practice techniques like Tai-chi, dance or go for a full workout regime at the gym. Go for a run or take a walk. Anything that works for you, works!

Meditation: It could be sitting in silence, post your workout or yoga. Or playing soft instrumental music while gardening. It could be chanting mantras, saying a prayer or simply being grateful. Be still and watchful and see how it impacts the rest of your day.

Find time to make quality conversation with your loved ones at the start of your day, talking to your spouse or family member while sipping tea is a wonderful morning routine.


Pay attention to your diet: Most women neglect their food needs, their needs change from puberty to menopause and after. Women go through many hormonal changes at each stage of their lives, so nutritional needs are very important. And in today’s times, along with food, supplements play a crucial role in improving overall health and keeping ailments away. Consult your medical care-giver on the intake of Vitamins and other vital supplements to keep up your nutrition levels.

Eat all your meals on time and maintain a good routine; include an apple in your weekly diet as apples are known to boost immunity, cook lentils often as they build iron in your body, broccoli will help you fight wrinkles and spinach will give you Vitamin K, calcium and magnesium. Having a little dark chocolate helps reduce stress, so have some once in a while. If you are a non-vegetarian, include fish in your diet.

When you are pressed with time and need to whip up something real soon – Make Pasta. Use bell peppers, whole grain pasta, parmesan cheese in your pasta recipe. Bell peppers are good for your eyes, whole grain boosts energy and parmesan cheese is a great source of calcium.


A good night’s sleep is a must. Eight hours of sound sleep is important to function well throughout the day. Try and get uninterrupted sleep for seven to eight hours. Make sure to keep all gadgets away while you sleep. And try to get to bed on time to get you enough time to wake up and get to your personal regimen before you hit your routine. Early to bed, early to rise will surely make you healthy and wise.

Women have many roles to play - a worker, a daughter, a caregiver, a mother, a wife. In your work-place you are a part of the competition and you have to work hard and deliver well in order to make a mark in the professional world. At home, you walk the tightrope of your family’s needs. And, in all this you need to be in optimum state of health to walk your way through every responsibility with grace. With the right care, and maintaining health and well-being, you can make life far better than what it is. After all, we all want better lives not only for ourselves but for our family as well.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Merck India Pvt. Ltd.

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